Client: Horsham Symphony Orchestra // Role: Brand design. Work has included various usage logos, conceptual design and illustration, concert promo posters and concert programmes

Client: Haydn Shaughnessey // Role: Design – infographics

Client: Little Notes // Role: Brand design and print-based marketing

Client: Carrenza // Role: Brand design and print-based marketing

Client: EQ Management // Role: Conceptual design and implementation of marketing booklet

Client: Inner City 100 // Role: Brochure design

Client: Breast Cancer Care // Conceptual design and production of invitations and promotional print-based marketing

Client: Spectrum Music // Role: Illustration & Design of “one of the cheesiest Christmas album covers of all time”. I photoshopped James Brown into "… a Santa hat so uncool you’d need oven mitts to handle it." (David Stubbs, The Guide, December 11-17 2004)

Client: The Whole Hog Design Company // Role: Concept design and production of Christmas card. Pop out, make and decorate your own Christmas Hog using my die-cut recycled cardboard envelope complete with integrated easy-to-follow instructions.

An overview of some of my favourite pieces of design work including brand design, infographics, promotional marketing and CD design.

Graphic Design
Various clients
2004 – present